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Water Today Title October 16, 2018

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Advisory of the Day



A boil water advisory was issued for Riverside-Albert today because of elevated turbidity in the water system.

"We've had snow, and huge rainstorms and then it all froze up," says village clerk, Deborah Murray-Butler. "It happens often, the water plant just can't handle the turbidity, but we're getting new water storage towers through the New Building Canada Fund and that should fix the problem."

Murray-Butler says when a boil water is issued a contingency plan is immediately put in play to notify the population, "It got me out of bed," she says.

"We advise the local radio station, flyers are sent door to door and posted in public places, and we call up institutions and businesses individually."

"I can't remember right now but I think there are about 353 people in Riverside Albert and most of them are on the town's water system," she says.

Our records indicate that there have been 25 BWAs in Riverside-Albert since 2008.

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