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Water Today Title October 16, 2018

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On September 12, a boil water order was issued for Hampden, Newfoundland. E.coli was found in the town's drinking water and a repeat sample could not be taken as required, either because the provincial environmental health officer was not scheduled to be in the area, or more likely because it was Friday.

"They're supposed to come 'round today and take some more samples but the chlorine readings are good, thing is there's been no rain and the water levels are low." says Eldon Parson who takes care of the treatment plant, "but if there's a trace of it, they put a boil order on."

"Mostly we just keep drinking it, it don't hurt 'em anyway, he says. "We have one of the best water supplies in Newfoundland, right? It's surface water, comes from a big lake and there's nobody around it. It's a clean area...well now, they've been burning some overcut over there, right? And spraying stuff to kill the alders and birch, I was going to call Penny Burke, our environmental health officer, and ask her about that. Maybe that has something to do with it."

According to Parson, the water advisory affects the whole town of a little over 500. The town system is a basic chlorination system, 'we just chlorine it," he says.

Some 60 km up White Bay, Jackson's Arm was also issued a BWA on September 12 because of E.coli. but the towm clerk manager, Carmen Wicks, who was just back after a few weeks off, did not want to comment.

Hampden has had 7 BWAs since 2009, none of which were for E.coli. Jackson's Arm, on the other hand has also had 7 BWAs most of which were for E.coli. The advisory affects the whole community of 375 people.

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