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Water Today Title November 24, 2017

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Bwa of the day - Ponteix, SK - NEW PIPES, GROUNDWATER FILTRATION AND OLD BONES - 10/16/12


Ponteix, SK is a community of approximately 600 people, located in southwest Saskatchewan, 86 km (53 mi) southeast of Swift Current. Althought Ponteix is Nestled in a small valley near the Notukeu Creek, the town pipes its water from three accessible wells,located one mile northwest of town along Road 628. After filtration and treatment, the water is stored in a 300,000 gallon reservoir. Total storage capacity is 390,000 gallons, including a 60,000 gallon water tower. Two certified water operators manage the town's water treatment system.

Since October 11, Ponteix has been under boil water advisory due to upgrades to its treatment plant.

According to Ponteix's foreman Rick Panko, the town is running new pipes to the reservoir at the edge of town; the hook-up was completed last Wednesday and the first three samples will be taken tomorrow. Groundwater Filtration The town uses a manganese greensand filtration system which is recommended for the removal of iron and manganese from groundwater. According to the Saskatchewan Misnistry of Environment, the province's groundwater frequently has high levels of iron and manganese, which can stain plumbing fixtures and laundry and may affect the taste of the water. Removing these minerals presents a challenge for most water treatment plants since groundwater provides about three-quarters of Saskatchewan's drinking water supplies. The province's aquifers vary in size from a few hectares to thousands of square kilometres in area and from a few metres to almost a hundred metres thick.

A bit of history

As do many small towns in Saskatchewan, Ponteix has a unique history. Founded in 1908 as Notre-Dame d¡¯Auvergne by Father Royer, a French priest from Auvergne, it was originally located on the North side of Notukeu Creek but was moved to the south side When the railway, contrary to original plans, was routed on that side of the Creek. Father Royer chose Ponteix as the new name for the relocated community, a parish in which he had served in Ponteix, Auvergne France. To this day, Ponteix, Sk and Ponteix,France have maintained cultural ties and in 2008 the two communities signed a friendship pact, to mark the town's 100th Anniversary. Forty-three precent of Ponteix, SK residents are Fransaskois or franco-saskatchewanian.

Mo the dinosaur greats visitors at the town¡¯s entrance. A replica of a plesiosaur dating back 75 million years, which was found in 1993 about four kilometers from the town, Mo is actually a marine reptile from the Jurassic Period.
Ponteix is also known for the its church, Notre Dame D'auvergne, built in 1929. An imposing Gothic structure, the church is also the largest religious structure without columns in Western Canada.

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