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Water Today Title December 15, 2017

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BWA of the Day



The City of Gatineau has issued not one but two preventive boil water advisories for different areas of the municipality. The first was caused by a power outage on Thursday night which triggered the shut-down of the chlorination system in Vieux Gatineau.

"It was a Hydro-Québec electrical problem that caused the malfunction," says Gatineau spokesperson, Cynthia Lauzon. "Our crews were working on the generator when the power outage happened, the chlorination system was off for a very short while."

The water advisory affects 40,000 people as well as the Gatineau Hospital and its related facilities which include two residences, two health units and a wellness centre.

"We have distributed bottled water to all our nine facilities," says Health Services spokesperson, Thomas Rossignol. "We always have bottled water in stock in case of emergencies such as this. We've also re-ordered from our supplier and now have enough water to last until noon on Monday. If the advisory lasts longer we will order more. It's at our own cost, but it's part of our emergency budget."

According to Rossignol, water for cooking in the cafeterias will be boiled, but any other drinking water will be bottled water. When it comes to surgical or medical procedures, none of these use tap water.

As for the second boil water advisory, it was caused by a water main break Friday morning in the Limbour sector of the municipality and affects 500 people.

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