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Water Today Title November 24, 2017

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BWA of the Day

Update 2015/4/30
BWA of the day


The municipality of North Hatley has been under boil water advisory since 2003 and will remain so until its water system meets the requirements of the Québec Drinking Water Regulations.

Work on a new water treatment plant, which was started in November 2014, is expected to be completed any time now and the new plant up and running as soon as final testing confirms that the water meets the province's water norms.

Whent the water system servicing Hatley Acres, a small neighbouring community of 190 people, was connected to North Hatley's water distribution system last February, the town automatically issued a boil water advisory until the new plant is launched. (It however did not advise the province's Ministry of Environment untl April 27).

North Hatley's water source is Lake Massawippi which has been battling blue-reen algae growth for many years. As no alternate groundwater supply was availabe due to the clay nature of the area's soil, officials opted for the new water treatment plant, improvements to the lake water intake, as well as a new high-pressure pumping station and reservoir for treated water.

North Hatley (pop.750) is located at the north end of Lake Massawippi, in the Eastern Townships region of Québec about 140 km east of Montreal. Many of the first settlers around North Hatley were United Empire Loyalists, mostly farmers, who left New England in the years following the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. The village owes most of its great houses and particular architecture to its first aristocrats, mostly Americans from south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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