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Water Today Title December 11, 2017

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BWA of the Day



When the water system was turned on for the upcoming hunting season at Bear Buck Obsession in northeastern Saskatchewan, E.coli bacteria was detected and a boil order was issued. Most Sask outfitters are in a similar situation.

"The water system is off for months at a time," says co-owner, Jos Schell from her home in Quebec. "We've owned the oufitters' camp for 4 years now and we've had 2 boil water orders. It's almost a protocol situation."

"The well is being shocked," she says, " we use 20 L of commercial bleach."

Shock chlorination (disinfection) is the one-time introduction of a strong chlorine solution into the entire water distribution system (well, pump, distribution pipelines,etc.) to rid it of residual bacteria and algae.

Louis Gagnon a biologist from Quebec is the guy behind the Bear Buck Obsession . A passionate hunter from a very young age, Gagnon acts as guide, videographer and wildlife manager.

"Why Saskatchewan?," says Schell, "because Alberta and Saskatchewan used to have the best white tail hunting in North America. Now, things are different. The bad winters we had in 2007 and 2008 just about decimated the fawn population and with the bad economy in the US, things have been rough. Quebec hunters are the ones keeping us in business."

"With the petroleum in Fort McMurray, there's too much humidity in the air, it's changing the weather. We had over 30 cm of snow in recent winters and that's unheard of. Thirty of our sites were unaccessible."

According to Schell, their hunting grounds are on Crown land yet roads are being logged all over it. "If there's a chance of petroleum they open roads," she says.

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