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Water Today Title November 25, 2017

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BWA of the Day

BWA of the day


There's something afoot in in the northern village of Paddockwood. Nobody wants to talk much about the Emergency Boil Water Order (EBWO) that was issued in on June 26. The Saskatchewan Public Health Inspector would rather not be mentioned by name. "I am not too sure about the details of what happened. Our role is mainly to make sure the population is notified that there is a boil water advisory." he says.

The mayor's wife alludes to defamatory lies, adding "Do I have to talk to you? No? Then I am going to leave you now I'm busy with my grandkids".

According to SaskH2o, the order was due to the risk of contamination, namely the risk of sewage cross-contamination in the public water supply. Rumor has it that damages to one or several water lines were not fully repaired and that there was a possible cross-connection between the sewage line and the drinking water line.

"It's all a malicious attack on the village," says town clerk Joan Carriere. " There was a line break during excavation work, it was fixed, we've sent the samples to the lab and they are clean, and as soon as we get the official letter from the province, the advisory will be lifted."

Carriere says there are 168 people in Paddockwood and all were affected by the advisory.

The RM of Paddockwood is located approximately 40 kms north of Prince Albert, SK on the edge of the Northern Provincial Forest. Its Boundaries extend from Prince Albert National Park on the west to the Hamlet of Foxford on the East.

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