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Water Today Title December 15, 2017

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BWA of the Day



On March 6, the Saskatcehwan Water Security Agency issued a boil water advisory for the Village of Pangman when a significant water main break drained water from the distribution system causing it to depressurize.

When we called the town's office for more details, our call was redirected to a voice message advising callers that the town office was closed between March 9 and 12 due to the SARM Convention; that the village was under a boil water advisory; and that bottled water was available at the Deep South Personal Care Home. "Sorry for the inconvenience and if you need more information please call one of the town's elected members.

This is life in a small prairie town. Pangman "100 Years of Prairie Life" is located in southern Saskatchewan about 100 km south of Regina, it has a population of 260 and a land area of 0.73 square kilometres. According to its website, "Pangman is a full-service community with water, sewer, garbage pick-up, high-speed internet, cable tv, daycare, community kitchen, grocery store, gas station, restaurant, post office, bank, library, community centre, K-12 school, and more.

The SARM (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalitiies) Convention is a big ticket event. It is held every year during the second week of March and, this year, both Premier Wall and Prime Minister Harper will be attending.

One of the more interesting bits of trivia about Pangman is that there were three one-room school districts located in the area. This is because "before the advent of large administrative units in the middle 1900s, Saskatchewan had small school districts every 4-6 miles apart. In an era when transportation was via walking or horse and no roads, travel was difficult. When hauling grain to elevators with horse and wagon, approximately seven miles was considered to be a convenient distance. "(Source: The Saskatchewan One-Room School Project)

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