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Water Today Title November 24, 2017

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Bwa of the day - Radisson, SK
Town grows, Boil order issued, Culligan there- 11/16/12

Radisson, Sk gets its water from artesians wells and is said to have the best tasting water in Saskatchewan. But not right now. The town is currently under an Emergency Boil Water Order, a result of its expansion. Radisson's population has grown by 20% to 505 according to Census Canada 2011. As the population grew so did the need for more potable water. Hence the water plant expansion. Work started on November 6 and since most upgrades and maintenance work can lead to system depressurization and contamination, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment issued a precautionary boil water advisory. However, when one of the daily lab tests came back indicating E.coli contamination, the advisory was upgraded to an Emergency Boil Water Order on November 9, where it remains for now.

According to the town's assistant administrator, Wendy, one test came back clear and a second test was being sent on November 15. Three clean tests are needed before the boil order can be lifted. Water samples are sent to Saskatoon about 75 km away and the turnaround time for test results is usually 24 hours.
The town's newly elected mayor, Don Tanner, told the Water Chronicles that the treatment plant expansion has tripled its capacity from 50,000 gallons to 150,000 gallons a day; the reservoir capacity has also been expanded by three 34,0000 gallon storage tanks. What remains to be done is the plumbing to link the new reservoirs to the pipes. Mayor Tanner expects the work to be completed within a week. " I think that Saskatchewan Environment will leave the boil order in effect until the work is done", he says.

Town assistant admin Wendy says she has no idea if the residents are taking the advisory seriously and actually boiling their water, but Mayor Tanner thought they were for basic needs. But for drinking water, Culligan Water is doing good business according to the mayor as many residents are buying large bottled water dispensers from Culligan's outlet in nearby Saskatoon.

Radisson, SK
The town of Radisson is named for the great explorer Pierre Radisson who was instrumental in the development of The Hudson's Bay Company in western Canada then known as Rupert's Land. The first store and Post office was established in 1903 two miles north of the present town site. A second store was established nearby in 1904.

The present town site was surveyed in the spring of 1905 and was given the name of Radisson when the railroad arrived that year. This was a boom year for the town as it grew quickly to serve the needs of homesteaders who were taking up land in the area. At least sixty-five buildings were erected in 1905 including the railway station and the hotel and the town*s first grain elevator.

Although the current agricultural practices and economic trends have greatly changed the role of small towns in Saskatchewan, Radisson with forty businesses and excellent recreation facilities remains the center of a strong and viable community.- Radisson Website

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