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Water Today Title July 16, 2018

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2018/7/13 12:00 pm

In Nova Scotia, BWAs were issued to Price Chopper Grocery Retail, Berwick (Kings County), South Shore Bluegrass Music Association, New Canada (Lunenburg), Motel Transcotia, Brooklyn (Queens), West Pubnico Golf (Yarmouth). Several previously issued BWAs were rescinded, more specifically, those to Fenerty Road Preschool, Smileys Provincial Park, Wekokmaq Youth Camp, Scotian Glen Camp, Clyde River Campground. It is noteworthy that the original issue dates of both the Clyde River and Wekokmaq advisories were August 2017.

Nova Scotia Advisory Map

In Newfoundland, 3 Boil Water Advisories (BWAs) were issued due to water entering the distribution system or facility, and after a minimum 20 minute contact time lacking free chlorine residual of at least 0.3 mg/l: Burgoynes Cove - Lower Rocky Pond;Bunyans Cove-#1 Wellfield; Stoneville-Dog Bay Pond Brook. A BWA was also issued to St. Lewis -Tub Harbour Pond, due to detection of Total Coliforms in the water.

Nwefoundland Advisory Map

In Ontario, Two First Nation BWAs were issued, while three others were rescinded. Those issued were to the Albany First Nation, Public Water System and Couchiching Public Water System. Those lifted were to Kashechewan Public Water System, Whitefish Bay Public Water System and Naicatchewenin Public Water System.

Ontario Advisory Map

In The Northwest Territories, A preventive BWA was issued to the Town of Inuvik, due to elevated turbidity levels.

Northwest Territories Advisory Map

In Manitoba, A BWA was issued to Jolys Meadows Edge in the village of St-Pierre-Jolys. The reason was not stated however the advisory is listed as short-term.

Manitoba Advisory Map

In Québec, A preventive boil water advisory was issued in the Municipality of Carignan due to an aqueduct break. The advisory applies to 4 districts.

Québec Advisory Map

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