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Water Today Title April 23, 2018

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In Saskatchewan, an "advance" Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) has been issued at Crooked Lake Provincial Park. The advisory will go into effect April 30th, and is being issued as part of the annual, seasonal start-up of the Park' water system.

Another PDWA has been issued to the Town of Springside due to elevated turbidity levels.

Saskatchewan Advisory Map

In Newfoundland, three Boil Water Advisories (BWA) have been lifted, more specifically, those at Mings Bight (issued 2/21), Fleur de Lys (issued 12/13) and Bunyans Cove (issued 3/20).

Newfoundland Advisory Map

In British Columbia, two Boil Water Notices (BWN) were issued, one at the Barendregt Water System in Smithers, due to adverse bacteriological water quality within the system, and the other, at Logan Lake, issued to Highland Valley Copper, due to water treatment equipment failure.

British Columbia Advisory Map

In Nova Scotia, three BWAs were issued this week, one at Musquodoboit Harbour, another in Lunenburg, at Hebbville Tastee Freeze, while the third was issued at Bella Roma Pizza, in Brooklyn. The reasons were not stated.

Nova Scotia Advisory Map

In Manitoba, a BWA was issued to the Minitonas public system; the reason was not stated, but the advisory is expected to be short-term.

Manitoba Advisory Map

In Ontario, a First Nation BWA was issued by Health Canada, to the Attawapiskat Public Water System. The reason for this short-term advisory was not stated.

Ontario Advisory Map

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