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Water Today Title December 11, 2017

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Holiday Water - Summer 2015

Summertime! Time to pack up the kids, the dog and holiday gear and head out to he Canadian wilderness. A word of caution, before taking off for the hills, remember to bring kettles, bottled water or aquatabs, because you'll need them in hundreds of Canadian resorts, campgrounds, provincial parks, RV parks and bible or girl guide camps across the country. Whether it's for lack of funds, a devil may care attitude or isolation, a host of holiday spots have been under Boil Water Advisory for years.


With the Rockies on its western flank, Alberta has hundreds of provincial parks and recreational areas managed by Alberta Parks. On the whole, Alberta Parks is far more concerned about bears, avalanches, unsafe trails and white nose syndrome in bats advisories than drinking water. This is rugged country for rugged campers.



Here's the staggering list of Vacation spot Boil Water and Water Quality Advisories in British Columbia. There are now over 220 of them. In fact, water advisories in BC camps, campgrounds, resorts, inns, RV park represent 70% of all the advisories across the province.

While BC Health does a laudable job of monitoring and publishing them, there are now more water advisories in tourist destinations than there were when we reported in 2013. Some of these advisories are over a decade old. The phenomenom is not unique to BC it is widespread across the country.


ONTARIO - 18 BWA in Prov. Parks - With a few exceptions, no reporting on private facilities

If you're heading for a provincial park in Ontario the chances are excellent that you will be able to find out ahead of time if the park water is potable where you are going. Ontario Parks does an excellent job of monitoring and posting Boil Water Advisories along with vacancies and beach information, on its website. You're on your own however when it comes to private campgrounds, Rv parks, inns, lodges and camps. .../more

QUÉBEC - If you should boil it, you'll know in QC
There are currently 162 Boil Water Advisories Québec, 47 in vacationland. Most of these are for non-municipal small drinking water systems in campgrounds, inns, motels, restaurants and roadside rest areas. The province's environment website publishes a comprehensive lists of these advisories by region. There are 17 regions within the province.

According to Quebec's Règlement sur la qualité de l'eau potable (Drinking water quality regulation), all operators of municipal and non-municipal water systems are required to report boil and do not consume advisories if the quality of the drinking water does not meet the standards of the regulation.

MANITOBA - 58 BWAs in Vacationland MB
There are currently 139 water advisories in Manitoba, 58 of them are in camps, campgrounds, resorts, trailer parks and hotels. Here's the list of Vacation spot Boil Water and Water Quality Advisories in Manitoba .../more

SASKATCHEWAN - 143 BWAs in Vacationland SK
Almost 60 poer cent of all Saskatchewan's water advisories are in vacationland. There are currently 143. Most of these are up north of La Ronge in the fly-in outfitting and fishing camps that dot the many lakes in the region. It goes without saying that if you are off to hunt a bear or hook at 20-kg rainbow trout, you're probably going to hedge your bets on bottled water and don't really care if there is safe drinking water in your camp or lodge. .../more

More provincial holiday reports coming soon!

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