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Water Today Title November 25, 2017

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Holiday Water - ON - Summer 2013

Last Update September 20013

22 BWA in Prov. Parks - No reporting on private facilities in ON

If you're heading for a provincial park in Ontario the chances are excellent that you will be able to find out ahead of time if the park water is potable where you are going. Ontario Parks does an excellent job of monitoring and posting Boil Water Advisories along with vacancies and beach information, on its website.

You're on your own however when it comes to private campgrounds, Rv parks, inns, lodges and camps. They come under Small Drinking Water Systems (SDWS) in Ontario and although they are monitored by Regional Health Authorities, advisories are not reported to the public since 2007. Operators will no doubt have posted notices if he water is not potable but you won't know ahead of time
According to the Ontario Drinking Water Advisory Council (ODWAC), as of December 2011, 10,106 systems were identified as falling under the Small Drinking Water Systems Program. Out of these 6,990 have been assessed as to the risk they pose. 15%, or over a 1,000 systems were categorized as high risk, 20% as moderate risk and 65% as low risk. 3,116 have yet to be assessed.

There are 103 Provincial Parks in Ontario, 22 of them are under boil water advisory, down from 24 in June.

Boil Water Advisories are currently in effect in the following parks:

    Algonquin Interior
    Finlayson Point
    Fushimi Lake
    Grundy Lake
    Ivanhoe Lake
    Kawartha Highlands
    Oastler Lake
    Point Farms
    Rene Brunelle
    Silent Lake
    Sioux Narrow
    Spanish River
    White Lake.

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