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Water Today Title October 16, 2019

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Georges Routhier, Pipedreemz

[00:00:03] My name's Georges Routhier. I'm the CEO of a family-run cannabis consulting company. We have grown from me, to almost 15 people. We have different divisions that specialize in most of our our employees come out of the industry. Overview does he go to guys in the industry. Most the software companies in the industry are the ones who keep them updated with the regulations. We have a lot of relationships like that. We've gotten almost 40 companies licensed start to finish. But we're kind of the yin and the yang part. You know there's the suits the other consultants out there that offer services, but we pride ourselves in our accessibility to our clients because we've built relationships. So I actually worked in high tech and spent about 30 years working with the federal government. I know extremely well how they work. Back in the beginning of the 80s I helped design and implement the F 18 program for the Canadian government. I went on and I developed a system ship registration system. I went on and I developed fin track I know how the government works and I know Health Canada is an evidence based organization.

[00:01:24][81.4] [00:01:26] They want to know you can do the job. [00:01:27][1.4] [00:01:29] I'm probably one of the best people to convince them to do that. Takes an awful lot. I'll give you an example when I put my first submission in it wasn't a one inch binder. The last submission we did in paper was two 6 inch binders, double printed 3200 pages. That's how sophisticated it's gotten. And the reason it's gotten sophisticated is because we've helped the government. Build the requirements. If we figure out a better way to secure a facility, we present it to the federal government. If they like it. Guess what you've got to do now. And because we do so many licenses- much like advertising you need at least three impressions - they see our application time and time again. And they go oh yeah this is a Pipedreems this is good stuff. OK. Hopefully that's what they're saying. I mean they are their own person but they're there to help you clearly. At this conference you've heard the government speak. They have representatives here. You have the navigator program. I've dealt with quite a few First Nations I think I've got a four for them licensed so far. And there are differences. I don't want to say special treatment. You're not really getting special treatment but this is very very hard to do. I've got Phds, I've got engineers you know I've got so many people that are 10 times smarter than me working for me because I can't figure this stuff I would anymore and Health Canada. They wrote the regulations whether it's interpretation. It's a tough journey. So the government coming forward with the navigator program having your own guide.

[00:03:22][112.8] [00:03:23] Excellent excellent. And frankly, this is a good news story for everybody. You know what if First nations seize the day, get going, you might own this industry in five to 10 years. But guess what happens along the way?. You're making millions and millions in your community and you're not going to sit around and wait for the government to give you a handout. You'll build your schools you get some of the best teachers in the world. You'll build your community. You'll build a company. We're finally your grand kids when they come here and say grandfather or grandmother what do I do with my life. Well you can be a natural resources. Oh no you can't do that anymore because it'll be gone by the time you are old enough. But you know what. We've got a great company here. You want to be a lawyer be a lawyer. You want to be finance, be finance. You want to be the best grower the best grower. You want to get a PHD. You want to get two PHDs. You want to be an engineer. We all need all these people at home. This is this is a new economic engine. All your worries. Look around there's a lot of these places. They're killing these people. They've dealt with the worries. You don't want cannabis on your land?. Don't allow sales on the land. They're our remedies for everything. But most of all what you need to d,oo, make it community based. That way the money's in the community's hands. You need to act. Financing is available. A lot of issues are financing. That one way and that one panel I put these guys I'll go and get you the money but the value with them too is the depth of their knowledge of this industry. You get money. But to get money and value add like that there's no reason to step forward and say hey we want to do this. I can help. They can help. You need to seize the day for your grandchildren. This isn't about you, or even your kids, it's about your grandkids. What are they going to do in 10 years. You want them to move to Toronto. Lose the language lose a tradition maybe wind up on the wrong side. How about stay home live in the community with your family? We're all close. Family is the most important thing. The government wants do to let him lend money to you. The government's encouraging you to get into this business. What more do you need. It's like a Tim Hortons came to and said I need you to build me a Tim Hortons. What would you do. Think about it for three or six years. This is an aha moment. This is in nineteen seventy nine. When a friend of mine came and said you never heard IBM and Microsoft. Maybe we should invest. This is a complete new market. You will never ever in your lifetime or your children or grandchildren's lifetime probably see another market like this. Cannabis is going to be commoditified. I know I'm building places as big as one point four million square feet and I can't tell you what our cost per gram is, it's a secret but it'll destroy the marketplace if they want. So first of all cannabis will become commodified. That shouldn't keep small producers micro producers or even a really good standard producer for making cannabis. There is a social aspect to cannabis when I go to parties. And party pulls out a joint. I gravitate to them it's a social event. And guess what if they got great stuff. I'll go. It's nice work it. Oh well I got it from picking a wagon. Up the valley. This is good stuff. So I tell my friends you grow good. But everyone who want it. Is still going to be a big percentage of the marketplace. But the rest is going to fall into oils song field grown stuff semi mediocre stuff they'll all turn into oil. So you really need to move over the next five years into an integrated company. You want to grow,you want a process. and you want a medical sell and you'll probably along the way pick up a nursery license and then a local license and a research license. I think you'll see some of the larger producers will probably start to back out of growing. They're not doing great at it. They've had some massive failures but I think they'll contract out growing. And that's going to set off the decline in the price of cannabis. I suspect in five to seven years you'll be able to buy cannabis for a buck agram or less wholesale to process market saturation is a long way from happening.

[00:08:41][318.2] [00:08:42] I think we make a you know we sell in a lot of countries in the EU and I highly recommend anyone who's thinking of getting any to be any size plan ahead. It's not much difference in construction costs to be EU GMP compliant. And do that and then you can sell everywhere. So it might be 60 percent oil based products in Canada. I have to tell you it's probably one of the most easiest way to titrate your dosage which is the hardest thing for doctors to get their heads around now you know when you get your script and you get a bottle of weed what's he going to tell you to use other than go slow. And somewhat slowly you might be vast to me and the next thing you know you've got the heebie jeebies and you never want to do this again. But if you can take a 10 milligram capsule and see what that does. Doctors can get their heads around that people can get their heads around that and that's gonna be a big player in the marketplace. [00:08:42][0.0] [513.8]