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Water Today Title October 16, 2019

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Howard Silver, Chair NICHC

[00:00:02] I'm Howard Silver and I'm chair of the National Indigenous cannabis and hemp conference here in Ottawa. Well the legalization of recreational cannabis obviously opened up all sorts of new markets in the country and the way the legislation was introduced. The Indigenous community really didn't get an opportunity to engage in the compliancy, meeting deadlines getting information resolving questions on cannabis on nations. There was a terrible shortage of information getting out to First Nations and we were approached having done work for a couple of years on the cannabis side, we were approached by Tsuuti'na just outside of Calgary to bring in speakers for the nation to explain cannabis and the opportunities on the harm reduction and economic side. Once we met with Tsuuti'na, we realised there was an opportunity for hosting something much larger involving patients from across the country. Well this is actually the second one the first conference was on Tsuuti'na ,the land outside of Calgary at the Grey Eagle Resort which is owned by Tsuuti'na. So we had about 400 delegates there last fall. Well not only the educational side but the networking side is important and we've got Indigenous leaders here chief's council members active officers and we've got an Indigenous lawyers doctors and knowledgeable people who've gotten involved in cannabis from the Indigenous side. So they're actually here trying not only to educate but to create that opportunity for benefiting from cannabis. [00:00:02][0.0]