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Water Today Title October 18, 2018

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Advisory for Grand Forks (6), British Columbia

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Grand Forks (6)

Type: Boil Water  -  Active

Issued: 5/10/2018


Boil Water Notice (BWN) issued to Riviera RV Park and Campground due to untreated drinking water at risk of containing pathogens; 5/10/2018; Pines Bible Camp Water System Positive Total Coliform lab result 8/29/2016; West Grand Forks Mobile Home Park - Construction/Repairs/Maintenance - 6/4/13; The Victorian Motel & RV Park Water System - - Inadequate Disinfection / Treatment; - 7/27/05; Grand Forks Irrigation District - Nursery - Inadequate Disinfection / Treatment; 4/5/2004; Wilgress Lake Rest Area - Source Water Contamination; 3/26/2003; Area: Kootenay

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