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Water Today Title October 20, 2018

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Advisory for McCharles Lake, Ontario

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McCharles Lake

Type: Cyanobacteria Bloom  -  Inactive

Issued: 11/2/2016


The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has advised the Sudbury & District Health Unit that results from samples taken October 28, 2016, from McCharles Lake in Greater Sudbury are positive for blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). The samples contained a species of cyanobacteria that can produce toxins. The Health Unit advises people using lakes and rivers to: Avoid using the water for drinking, bathing, or showering, and do not allow children, pets, or livestock to drink or swim in the bloom. Be aware that shallow drinking water intake pipes can pump in blue-green algae. Do not boil the water or treat it with a disinfectant, like bleach, because it breaks open the algae cells, which releases more toxins into the water. Do not rely on water jug filtration systems as they may not protect against the toxins. Avoid cooking with the water because food may absorb toxins from the water during cooking. Exercise caution with respect to eating fish caught in water where blue-green algal blooms occur. Residents should not eat the liver, kidneys, and other organs of fish. On lakes and rivers where blue-green algal blooms are confirmed, people who use the surface water for their private drinking water supply may wish to consider an alternate, protected source of water.

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