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Water Today Title November 25, 2017

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3/27/14 - City of Kenora Update:After close to four full weeks for Kenora water residents, the boil water advisory has been rescinded.
All bacteria testing results and disinfection (chlorine) levels are satisfactory in the distribution system and the water is at satisfactory levels for the Northwestern Health Unit to lift the boil water advisory. After two positive test results the City and the Northwestern Health Unit are satisfied that it now safe to resume human consumption of the water from the City's water distribution system.
The City will be discontinuing the truck service for customers who require water that have frozen water lines from the Recreation Centre lot. These customers may however visit the Transfer Station during regular operating hours to obtain potable water.

Updated 03/25/14

Five weeks without water for some Kenora residents, ON

Courtney Griffin

Some residents of Kenora, ON have gone without access to water in their homes for five weeks. While the City has restored water to a vast number of homes, the entire City of Kenora remains under a boil water advisory; even the water provided by the City to those homes without running water must be boiled prior to use.

Heather Kasprick, Deputy Clerk and Communications Lead at the City of Kenora, says that the number of homes with frozen lines "changes regularly. At the start of last week it was 90, but we've obviously made some progress. There was another big water main break yesterday, so obviously that changes things." Each time a water main breaks, City workers are called off of residential pipe thawing and put straight to work on the larger water main break.

When asked about arrangements to help those who are waterless, Heather said, "We have had a water truck set up so that people can come to the depots to access water, but this wasn't very successful or well-received. So, instead of having staff sitting and waiting for people to come, we've asked people to call us and then we arrange to have water delivered to them. Most people aren't turning to the city to help; they're making their own arrangements. They're more comfortable getting water from friends or family." The Kenora Recreation Centre is open to residents who need access to showering facilities, but this resource has not been widely used either.

"We had really hoped to start testing to remove the boil water advisory this week, but then Monday came around and we had that big [water main] break. There's a three day turnaround for the testing, so if we don't do the tests on Monday we're not going to have the results back by Friday. It'll be another week at least before we test," explained Heather when questioned about the expected timeline of Kenora's water issues.

Dino's Restaurant, operated by the Papaiouanno's, has not been affected by the water quality issues in Kenora. Employee Sandy says they have "a heavy duty water filtering system, with ultraviolet treatments," which has let the restaurant operate as per usual.

Boston Pizza has not been directly impacted by the water quality issues in Kenora either, as manager Monita Bouchard explained. "We have an ultraviolet filtration system here, so we can still serve drinking water. The only thing is that some of our guests coming in have been frustrated."

The City of Kenora will remain under a boil water advisory until two subsequent tests, done 24 hours apart, come back clear of any contamination.

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