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Water Today Title September 27, 2022
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WRAP-UP: There were 23 new advisories issued since Friday: 1 in BC, 10 in QC, 2 in ON, 1 in NL, 6 in SK, 2 in NS, 1 in NB.

In Québec, a BWA was issued to the Low Sector in the Township of Low due to detection of E. Coli or fecal coliforms in the water. A preventive BWA was issued in the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, reason not stated. In Saint-Eustache several addresses are under a preventive BWA, reason not stated. Two preventive BWAs were issued in the Saint-Benoit sector of Mirabel, one due to infrastructure work, in effect Sept 27, while the reason for the other was not stated. In Sainte-Adèle a preventive BWA was issued to one street due to water interruption for work on the aqueduct...
Québec Advisory Map

Full Report

OffGridBox: An all-in-one solution providing renewable energy and clean water to remote communities
WT Interview with Bas Berends, Chief Partnership Officer, OffGridBox

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Numbers indicate the amount of advisories in each province


Axine EOx technology enables PFAS destruction by 99.999 per cent
WT Interview with Greg Peet, CEO, Axine Water Technologies

Polymer concrete with no water consumption & near zero CO2 emissions - Interview with Maxine Mathias, Marketing Manager, Polycare

Oceanbird - A shipping revolution
Swedish Technology will make it possible to power the largest ocean-going cargo vessels by harnessing the wind. - Interview with Niclas Dahl, Managing Director, Oceanbird

High school students' robotics skills inspire at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto
WT Interview with Nolan S. and Evie B., Oakville Trafalgar high school, ON

JUSTDIGGIT- Re-greening Africa To Cool Down the Planet
WT Interview with Romy de Groot, Jusdiggit

Swedish Start-up ECOLOO’s Solution For Cleaner Water & Sustainable Sanitation
Award-winning Sustainable Toilet Technology that benefits health, water and the environment

Mexican start-up Adriano Di Marti Disrupts the leather industry
Natural organic leather offers a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative, with low water consumption, no toxic chemicals, phthalates, and no PVC.

A Unique Craft Beer Using NEWater Singapore debuts NEWBrew, a sustainable beer made from recycled used water.

MYCOCYCLE, a waste-to-resource process that uses mycoremediation to remove harmful toxins out of trash and turn the waste into reusable materials.
Interview with Joanne Rodriguez CEO of Mycocle Inc.

All previous WT articles can be found in our
A to Z section


Report on Canadian Municipal Drinking Water. WT sent requests for informations to a cross-section of randomly picked cities across Canada, asking them to to tell us about the features and challenges of their water systems. Cities were offered the option of either a phone interview with their Drinking Water Management or a series of email questions. The reports below feature the most recent answers that were sent to us.
Niagara Region has six conventional water treatment plants. The water is treated and distributed to 11 local area municipalities.

Québec city’s sewer network is about 72% combined network
(unitary and pseudo-separate)

Managing water for a rapidly growing population - NEW!

Managing water for a rapidly growing population

The city ranks third in numbers of CSO outfalls in Québec

The City's Source of water is Alpine Lakes and groundwater

The City of Regina receives potable water from the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, located approximately 60 km northwest of the City.

The City's distribution network has close to a thousand kilometres
of piping network, spread out over a very large geographic area

Abbotsford and Mission receive domestic water from the Abbotsford Mission Water & Sewer Commission

A full list of our City Reports can be found here

WT Rez

The long-standing lack of clean drinking water and wastewater facilities in Indigenous communities has left an indelible stain on Canada's flag. For years successive government have pledged to fix the problem, yet today there are 32 long-term and 47 short-term advisories in Indigenous communities across the country. While 109 long-term advisories have been lifted, 32 remain, and the number of short-term advisories has not been declining in recent months, with short-term advisories regularly recurring in the same communities. Band Councils say government initiatives suffer from a lack of holistic approach, unprofessional consultants or engineers and poor funding for operators and related infrastructure.
Short-Term Advisories
According to Indigenous Services Canada latest report, there are 47 short-term advisories in effect in First Nations communities across Canada, excluding BC; and 7 in BC issued by the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA).

List of all Short-Term Advisories
Long-Term Advisories
In place for more than a year, these advisories are also monitored by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

There are currently 32 long-term advisories across Canada, excluding BC; and 11 in BC issued by the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA)

List of all Long-Term Advisories
A view from the Rez
Interviews Chiefs or Band Officials of the communities under long-term advisory. The latest ones include Chief Bruce Achneepineskum of Marten Falls First Nation, ON; and Chief Skead, Wauzhushk Onigum Nation, ON

A view from the rez -All Interviews

Interview with ISC Minister, Patty Hajdu
"It is our collective duty to end discrimination against Indigenous peoples" - 2022/1/21

All First Nation water advisories are also listed on our provincial maps along with non-indigenous advisories.

WT Tech - Towards a more sustainable water/energy nexus.

Soil Rehabilitation
Solving South Africa’s Water Security Issues
The Compost Kitchen's waste-to-compost commitment begins with repairing the soil

Canadian company, SciCorp, wins first prize for innovative and transformative wastewater technology
Interview with Derk Maat, SciCorp

Toxic Algae
Identifying toxic blue-green algae species through mass spectrometry
Interview with Dr. Aneika Leney, Ph.D., Biological Mass Spectrometry, UK

Carbon Removal
Planetary Technologies Wins XPRIZE Carbon Renewal Milestone Award -

No filters or high pressure pumps
Researchers build portable and energy efficient desalination

Electric ferries launch at the Port of Kingston, ON. Interview with Guillaume Clement, Leclanché Energy Storage Solutions

Vancouver Start-Up Dasivedo Design moves forward with plans
to retrofit vessels with Wind Assist Technology

Clean Sailing with Emission-Free Cargo Ships. Interview with CEO of SailCargo Inc

Arctic sinkholes the size of a Manhattan block show up on Beaufort Seafloor
Interview with Charles Paull, Senior Scientist Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Calgary start-up Summit Nanotech's lithium mining process reduces freshwater use to zero while decreasing chemical waste by 90%

Multi-purpose Analysers
Finding efficiency with Mantech's Multi-purpose Analyzers, Part 1

Mantech's Chemical Oxygen Demand) Analyzer provides results in 10 minutes, Part 2

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