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Water Today Title June 21, 2021

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WaterToday is an independent ad-based media about water in Canada. We are not a government agency, or an NGO, our revenue is generated through advertising and research. Please click on our ads to show your support for a great team of advertisers dedicated to sustainable renewable solutions.

Our main focus is on drinking water across Canada and the boil water advisories that are issued by health units and municipalities, when the water quality is judged to be tainted by either microbiological, structural or chemical contamination.

Our national and provincial water advisory maps are the backbone of our coverage. They are updated daily, throughout the day as advisories are reported.


Our dailies most often expand on recently issued advisories, telling the stories behind the water system issues and how they affect the communities where they are issued.

Most of the water advisories in Canada occur in small communities and private systems where there are neither the population nor the funds to update the infrastructure.

The May 2000 Walkerton E.coli outbreak - which caused the death of seven people and sickened many more - was a wake-up call across Canada. In its wake, provinces and terrritories scrambled to record and bring the water systems under their responsibility up to par, while tightening up the regulations that manage them.

Today, seventeen years later, most of the systems are inventoried and their issues are well known, though solutions still lag in First Nations, isolated and low-populated communities.

With our "Advisory of the day" articles we aim to knit a Canadian narrative around these local water issues and the small often unkown locations where they occur, within the boundaries of one of the most water-rich countries in the world.

While the detection and solutions of most drinking water issues are well known, what is less known and widely unrecorded are the effects of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in our drinking water. Other emerging threats include climate change, rising sea water and saline seepage.


Water is an intrinsic element of life an Earth. It plays a vital role in everything we do, from the food we grow to the fish we catch, from swimming to sailing and shipping, and from cooling to heating our homes. With a view to covering all these facets, our features are far ranging and eclectic.

We seek out and interview scientists across the spectrum to provide information on current research.


Post only the truth
Back it up with two verifiable and credible sources
Provide as much information as possible
Keep our opinion out of it


Our Boil water advisory(BWA), Do Not Consume (DNC) Blue-green Algae (BGA) and water shortage maps and lists are updated every day, throughout the day as advisories are issued. In the Dailies, our researchers follow-up on many of the advisories, providing more information as to their nature, cause and effect on the local population.


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Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Water Today has partnered with the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to develop The Drink Guide a free smartphone app that alerts you to drinking water advisories in communities all across Canada, based on information gathered daily by Water Today.


Josée Dechêne is the publisher of WATER TODAY . We are based in Ottawa, Ontario
General Enquiries - newsdesk@watertoday.ca
Research requests - research@watertoday.ca

All enquiries: 613-501-0175

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