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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Advisory of the Day



A Do Not Consume Advisory has been in place at Brent Kennedy Elementary School in Crescent Valley, British Columbia, since April 6.

The school, located 20km west of Nelson, notified authorities when a discoloration was spotted in the water supply. According to a representative of Interior Health, initial tests to determine the origin of the contamination were inconclusive.

They are waiting on follow up testing by the Kootenay Lake School District before rescinding the advisory

The water supply system provides water to 316 school children.

Interior Health hasn't received any reports of increased absenteeism or illness since the advisory was placed.

Larry Brown is the Director of Operations for School District 8, Kootenay Lake.

"What first triggered our concern was some yellow color in the water," he said," Right away we notified IHA (Interior Health Authority) and they put us on a Do Not Use, so toilets can run but sinks must be turned off."

Brown confirmed that the school district contacted a professional from Western Water and testing was performed.

Just this morning a report was received in which the consultation company said they suspected there might be a high concentration of iron reducing bacteria.

Considering the situation, Brown said there are probably two options available to them at this point.

"We could so some cleaning of the well," he said," but considering the age of the well (around 40 years old) we might want to be considering drilling a new well."

Brown said that the well is a fairly shallow one at 70 feet, so they if they do decided to dig a new one, it'll probably be a lot deeper.

"The high school up the road is sitting on a 250 foot well and they don't seem to be having any problems," he said.

In the meantime, the district has been providing bottled water to the elementary school as well as the day care and a bus compound that was also using the water supply.

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