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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Update 2017/12/7


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A five year boil water advisory was lifted in the community of Arnaud in southern Manitoba.

Arnaud, a farming community that has been in existence since the early 1900s, had a private water system that dated back to the 1970s which drew water from a dugout. Provincial officials recommended that they switch to a public water system and placed the boil water advisory in 2012 as the dugout did not meet Canadian drinking water guidelines.

The advisory was lifted once the community was able to connect to the Rural Municipality of Emerson Franklin pipeline this fall.

According to Tracey French, Emerson Franklin's Chief Administrative Officer, the project was on the backburner for quite some time while they waited for the proper funding.

"The project ended up costing about $1.5 million," French said, "Through the Canadian Water and Wastewater Fund, the feds contributed 50% of that, the provincial government 25% and local municipal covered the remaining 25."

About 30 to 35 homes in Arnaud were able to hook up to the pipeline which is serviced by the Morris Regional Water Supply, which is owned by the Pembina Valley Co-Op. In addition a number of rural properties who were situated along the pipeline ended up getting hooked up to it to, which benefited the residents of Arnaud by reducing the end cost to them.

French estimated that it will end up costing each home about $15,000 which will be covered by their hook-up fees over twenty years, although there are other payment options including one where it can all be paid up front.

The community of Arnaud have a church and a schoolhouse that they count among provincial historic sites which date back to 1904 and 1902 respectively. They are situated nearby to the Canadian Pacific railway that cuts through Manitoba on its way down to Minneapolis.

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