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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Asvisory of the Day



This story is brought to you in part by Nature's Pond

An eight-year long boil water advisory (BWA) was recently lifted at Wild Oaks Campground in Richer, Manitoba.

For readers who saw our holiday water reports from the beginning of summer, this type of multi-year water advisories at camps, lodges and RV parks are all too common, so it is of note when the right steps are taken to provide visitors with a safe water supply.

In this instance Wild Oaks had been issued their BWA in late September of 2009. At the time they were not using proper disinfection techniques and they were neglecting to take routine bacteriological sampling.

The Wild Oaks Campground public water system is a seasonal system with approximately 114 service connections and water is provided by a groundwater well.

John Neufeld, a public affairs specialist with Communications Manitoba was able to outline some of the steps that the camp took into order to have their water advisory rescinded.

"Secondary treatment consisting of in-line chlorination was confirmed to be installed July 2, 2015," he informed us via email, adding, "An operating licence was issued to the system in September 2015."

Although the camp now had the proper equipment, they were still found to be wanting in their submission of samples, however, "Following enforcement activities in 2017, the system has submitted bi-weekly bacteriological samples since end of June 2017," Neufeld wrote, "Chlorine monitoring reports have indicated the free and total chlorine residuals have been monitored daily at the treated sampling tap for the months of May, June, and July. All daily readings have measured above the required at a minimum of 0.5 mg/L at the treated water sampling location established by the Drinking Water Officer."

After meeting all the conditions set by the province, the BWA was lifted on August 14, 2017.

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