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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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A coastal New Brunswick village is in the middle of an eight week boil water advisory (BWA) while some repairs are done to local infrastructure.

The Village of Port Elgin, located on the mouth of the Gaspereaux River, slightly east of Moncton, has been on the BWA since September 18.

"They emptied the water tower to paint the outside and refurbish the inside," said Donna Hipditch, the village's clerk/ treasurer, "So the water is coming right from the wells. Chlorine is being added but it's not the same as when it's sitting in the tower."

According to New Brunswick Health's website, the planned repairs will have pressure levels dropping below acceptable levels. This will typically necessitate a precautionary BWA, as the low pressure could result in contaminants, like unwanted bacteria or chemicals, leaking in through cracks in depressurized pipes.

Hipditch said that village officials hand delivered notices to the population of around 450 residents.

"And it was put on the news," she said," We have a local lady that runs a grocery store and she (broadcasts) notices on the radio."

There are not any water filling stations in town that people can use. For that, residents will have to travel to nearby Sackville or Amherst.

In 1922 Port Elgin became New Brunswick's first incorporated village, it has been a maritime port of call for over 400 years and according to Hipditch, it is 20 minutes away from everyplace like great beaches and Prince Edward Island.

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