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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Asvisory of the Day



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The Town of Deer Lake in Newfoundland is currently under two partial boil water advisories (BWA) due to maintenance.

Gate House Row and Devon Road have been under a BWA since May 10, while the town's First, Second and Third Avenues have been on a BWA since June 14.

"We're upgrading some streets in town," said David Thomas, Deer Lake's Superintendent of Public Works, "We're taking out the old asbestos lines and putting in new PVC."

Deer Lake has seen 16 similar BWAs since 2008, so this reporter asked Thomas whether there was any relation to the current construction.

He was able to confirm that every couple of years the town upgrades a few streets at a time to replace the aging infrastructure. Thomas said that these BWAs are affecting, "roughly 150 to 200" residents of the town.

He is estimating that construction on the earlier project affecting Gate House Row and Devon Road will be completed by the middle of July, while the remaining project should wrap up by the end of summer.

At this point, the new infrastructure will be flushed and the water carried within tested until deemed fit for consumption.

When asked when the last of the construction projects needed to replace the old infrastructure will happen, Thomas said that he's not sure, as it will depend on government funding.

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