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Water Today Title October 30, 2020

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Advisory of the day


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A boil water advisory (BWA) was issued on May 2 2018 for the Belle View Restaurant in Belle Cote, Nova Scotia. Located in Western Cape Breton Island, Belle Cote is a small village on the mouth of the Margaree River.

The village marks the traditional boundary of the Scottish settlements on the south side and the Acadian villages on the north side. It is part of Inverness County which the Scottish settlers named after Inverness in Scotland.

In the mid 1800's the region relied heavily on agriculture and fishing but more recently tourism has become most important to its economy. Belle Cote has many well-known inns and will soon be celebrating their annual Belle Cote Days Festival from July 26-July 30 which features a golf tournament, kayak parade, scavenger hunt, and triathlon.

The Belle View Family Restaurant is a one room eatery and a common stop for tourists travelling along the Cabot Trail. It also has a playground and a large outdoor picnic area.

When asked about the cause of the BWA, Media Relations Advisor for Nova Scotia Environment Chrissy Matheson said "the restaurant is a seasonal business. As part of their requirements when opening for the season, they have to test the water. Total Chloroforms came back in the test."

According to Health Canada's Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality, standards for Total Coliforms are counts of 0/100ml. Health Canada's Guidelines explain that "in non disinfected groundwater the presence of Total Coliforms may indicate that the system is vulnerable to contamination, or it may be a sign of bacterial regrowth."

Matheson said "the requirement is for them to take action to address the matter and retest. Once they get two clean samples the department will lift the order. We can't speculate on when that will be. Testing is underway."

As a restaurant, Belle View will have to take special care including serving only bottled water or water that has been boiled for at least a minute. Any ice machines will have to be disconnected and any pre-prepared foods that were made with tap water should be discarded.


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