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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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On August 11, the Municipality of Colchester announced on their website that "until further notice, users of the Lower Truro Water Spring at 3642 Highway 236, are required to boil water for at least a minute," before consuming. The cause of the Boil Order is a case of "unauthorized tampering with the water treatment system." No other specifics were announced.

We contacted the Municipality for clarification.

Michelle Newell, Director of Public Works, explained that the Lower Truro Water Spring "is an overflow from a private well where members of the public fill their water bottles." she added that "a number of years ago, the Municipality agreed to take over maintenance of this overflow and a UV disinfection system was installed." The site and piping are exposed and are next to the road.

An issue was noticed a few weeks ago, it was discovered that "the UV system had developed a leak, and although it was still functioning, the discharge was much slower than usual," Newell said. It was at this time that an unknown member of the public tampered with the UV disinfection system. Newell said that the person "modified the system by disconnecting the UV system and creating a by-pass where individuals could fill their jugs without having to wait."

Newell underlined that the "site is not manned, nor [are there] cameras at the site, so there is no way of knowing who vandalized the system." There has been no investigation opened into the incident, though the Municipality has "plans in place to further secure the site to prevent this type of vandalism from happening again."

A new UV system has just been delivered to the municipality and is waiting to be installed. For the time being users of this public well will have to continue boiling any water they take from it. Newell said the "project timeline for removal of the Boil Order is one week from today."

The Municipality must have two clean bacteriological samples 24 hours apart standard in these situations.

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