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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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The Cheticamp Outfitters Inn a Bed & Breakfast (B&B) was placed on a Boil Water Advisory on August 2nd, no other information regarding the situation was given. The B&B is located in Point Cross a small community in the Inverness County of Nova Scotia. We spoke with Veronica owner of the B&B about the BWA.

Veronica explained that the B&B's water is supplied by a stream and is disinfected via ultraviolet (UV) light. The owner said that the issue stems from the installation of a "brand new light." Cheticamp Outfitters "bought a new [disinfection system] last year."

Samples were sent in and the water was fine for a time, but this August, the owners were alerted to a problem by a series of "beeps," it was at this point that they discovered the UV light bulb had to be replaced. The bulbs are not given away Veronica said that it costs "$100."

The owners and operators of the private system replaced the bulb, and Veronica said that she "sent in [samples] and they didn't pass the test." The B&B has multiple disinfection lights and samples were sent for testing on the water disinfected by the second light. Veronica said that she received a phone call where she was informed that "the container (that the water was contained in) was leaking." Tests could not be performed on the first sample, the owner informed us that new "samples were taken this morning and sent in."

Veronica said that "they could not understand why the new light was not working."

If the samples for the second UV light test positive for contaminants, Veronica said that the "problem is in the well," itself. The owner ensured us that the wells were thoroughly scrubbed prior to the installation of the UV system. Until the situation is resolved guests at the Inn are being provided with bottled water.

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