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Water Today Title October 30, 2020

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Major construction in Iqualuit has resulted in 48 hour long precautionary boil water advisories (PBWAs) and water outages for more than 2000 of their 7740 residents.

Work on water infrastructure in six neighbourhoods started August 28. The city is undertaking three different projects including reducing water loss, infrastructure repairs and connecting the Joamie Court subdivision to the main line.

Iqualuit means place of fish and has the smallest population of any capital city in Canada. It is located on Baffin Island in Froshiber Bay and is known for its ice capped mountains and tundra.

The planned construction aims to improve water quality and supply as well as reduce emergency repairs. During water interruptions, residents may fill up containers of water using the hose at the Fire Hall.

Joamie Court subdivision will benefit from a more efficient water source when construction on that section ends in late October. The city has informed residents that traffic delays, route detours and or closures could occur on Niaqunngusiaq Road and Paunna Road intersection.

The PBWAs are imposed by the Department of Health as is required everytime construction takes place on the main water line.

Until the PBWA is lifted residents are advised to boil their water for at least one minute before consumption. Tap water remains suitable for washing dishes, clothes and showering.

They suggest filling drinking water containers ahead of time and filling the bathtub with water prior to a shut down that can be used to flush the toilet.

Once the PBWA is lifted residents may experience discolouration in the water caused by a build up of sediment. While this water should not be consumed, it can be used for washing purposes. Taps must be run until the water becomes clear before drinking.

The City also warns against using hot tap water immediately after a PBWA is lifted because it can draw impurities into the hot water tank in your home.

The latest water shut down is for residents living in the 4000s of Jamie Court subdivison on Wednesday from 9am to 5pm, though no boil water advisory will be necessary since the main water line will remain unaffected.

The City will continue to post updates on their website and social media as to which sections of town are being worked on and how that will affect different neighbourhoods.


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