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Water Today Title August 5, 2021

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Advisory of the day


Gillian Ward

Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation is located within the boundaries of metro Toronto.

The community water treatment plant is owned and operated by the First Nation, and under this authority, the water advisories are both issued and rescinded, unlike municipal systems, which are regulated by the provincial or territorial government legislation.

When boil water advisories are issued by First Nations, WaterToday posts the details as released by the given authority in each jurisdiction.

WaterToday received an emailed statement from Indigenous Services Canada,

“The drinking water advisory at Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation was put in place because of the water system’s inability to disinfect and treat the water to meet federal and provincial regulations.

Construction and commissioning of an upgrade to the existing water treatment plant was successfully completed in December 2019. Since then, sampling and testing of the treated water shows that the system is producing potable water that meets both federal and provincial standards”, writes Martine Stevens, spokesperson for Indigenous Services Canada.

According to Stevens, Georgina Island’s drinking water advisory “remains in place as they have requested time to build knowledge and experience with the new system and improve daily operations. Indigenous Services Canada is providing funding support to the community and the Ojemawahj Tribal Council to accomplish this.”

WaterToday learned that Ben Big Canoe is the Councillor responsible for the community water system, able to issue or rescind the advisory according to the timelines set under his direction. He has so far been unavailable for comment, but we will update the story as we are able to reach him.


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