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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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This story is brought to you in part by Seaveyors

CFB Borden sits on the edge of Borden ON, and many locals visit the base regularly to visit friends and family. This reporter spoke to an employee of a local Pizzaria near the base, Tiana said "I don't drink the tap water on the base it has a funny taste, I don't want to get sick or anything."

On January 16th DND posted a Tender Notice for the Water Testing at CFB Borden in Borden, ON. The Tender Notice is for potable and non-potable water, and recreational swimming pool and hot tub water. This is not a new practice but an ongoing contract that is seeking new Tender.

Following a phone call to Vashti Ramnarine, the Supply Officer managing to Tender, an email was sent to this reporter requesting that I email back all questions in writing. The questions posed by this reporter were: Are there any ongoing issues at the Base, i.e. BWA? How long are contracts awarded for?, at time of this report no response has been received.

In CFB Borden's 2011 Canadian Forces Sustainable Communities Report it is said: the base buildings and residential areas use water drawn from a number of wells connected to the aquifer that extends under the base. Water is tested regularly at intake and end-of-pipe, the quality of water that is drawn is excellent, and requires only basic treatment, .

Ground water has been monitored in the area by NVCA Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network since 2002, and in 2013 it gave an "A" rating to Pine River watershed. The aquifer that the base draws it's water supply from has seen extensive testing and research since 1979, this began after a landfill site on the base that was used from 1940- 1976 was closed.

DND's ongoing monitoring of the watershed has many partners including the University of Waterloo's Centre for Groundwater Research. The CFB borden has a Ground Water Remediation Facility which houses many of these partners,

Efforts by this reporter to speak with Andre Unger at the Centre for Groundwater Research to discuss the quality of the watershed and aquifer have not been responded to at the time of this report.

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