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Water Today Title September 18, 2021

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Advisory of the day


Suzanne Forcese

Kennisis Lake is the second largest lake in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario just south west of Algonquin Provincial Park. In the heart of the lake, Kennisis Lake Marina is a place for cottagers and locals to come and stop by for an ice cream cone with the family, or fill up their boats.

On August 23rd, Haliburton District Health issued a BWA to the Marina.

“We shocked the well last night and also noticed a UV light was out, so we replaced it. The lady will come by in 24 hours to take another sample which we expect will be fine,” Chad Burden told WATERTODAY in a telephone conversation.

“We really don’t use the water a lot except to flush the toilets. To make coffee we always boil the water first. So it’s not really a hardship for us.”

One of the highlights of a pit stop at the Kennisis Lake Marina is the ice cream. “As an added measure we always clean the ice cream scoop in a solution of bleach and water,” Burden adds.

Business has been booming this CoVid year. “People are sticking closer to home and taking advantage of what’s in their own backyard,” Burden surmises. “Also because a lot of people are working from home, they are deciding to work from the cottage. Why not?”

A variety of services are available at Kennisis Lake Marin, ranging from boat rentals Marine mechanics, gas and food items. Open from May 1 to November 1, Burden says that next to the ice cream people shop for their great line of clothing.

Finding ways to make the best of a challenging time Burden says, “We’ve got you covered.”

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