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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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An operator of a small water system in South East Ontario is upset to find out that his system was still included on a Boil Water Advisory list.

Roy Coburn, owner of Valleyview Estates in the village of Hastings had a Boil Water Advisory (BWA) issued in October of 2016. According to Coburn, he was installing a state-of-the-art water system and had the BWA issued for safety's sake. He followed protocol and the advisory was lifted shortly after.

The lift was confirmed by Bud Ivey, a Health Inspector with the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit.

Yet, the BWA is still listed on the Health Unit's website.

Debbie Johnson, Environmental Manager for the HKPR District Health Unit, said there must have been a communications breakdown somewhere.

"Normally procedure is, the health inspector who put the BWA on circulates the particulars to our communications department," Johnson said.

As of publication of this article, she has confirmed that the BWA has been removed from the site.

Coburn, who spent $50,000 on a new water system, may very well have had his business affected by the BWA that had been on the website since October of last year. Prospective buyers and renters of the trailers on his property might have been turned off by the thought of a long-standing BWA.

"We've got a state of the art system that no other community can boast," Coburn said, 'Our waster is the same quality as the blue jug (bottled water)."

Coburn and his wife are both certified to run the water system as well as test it when necessary.

He said, "You're always going to have a couple issues with hard water where we are, but we took a test at our well recently and it was 0.22 turbidity."

Turbidity is a common measurement that tests for undissolved solids in water. It's often a sign that water has something the matter with it if the measurement is high. Coburn measured it against bottled water bought from a chain store and said that the bottled water came in just under 1.

Coburn insists that he always sides with caution when dealing with his water system, and that's why the BWA was listed in the first place, saying, "Our residents will have peace of mind, knowing we have their best interests in mind."

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