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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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A water filtration plant flooded in the town of Hawkesbury, Ontario on Sunday evening resulting in equipment failure, water pressure loss and a boil water advisory (BWA).

"There was a pipe elbow that burst and that's how it got flooded," said Jeanne Charlebois, Hawkesbury's Mayor, "The filtration plant was flooded with the equipment in it and that's when we went into emergency mode."

The town, located on the banks of the Ottawa River is home to approximately 10,000 residents. Also affected by the flood and subsequent BWA are the 8,000 residents of the neighbouring Municipality of Champlain.

"We printed out about 5,000 notices for the residences and businesses in our town and plus we're on Facebook," said Charlebois in response to how word of the advisory was spread. Many local news outlets were informed of the story early Monday morning too.

As of publication, Charlebois has said that they've managed to get one of the diesel powered pumps in the filtration plant up and running, so there is water moving through the system. However, there are two more that have yet to be mended.

As there was a drop in pressure, Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) was contacted and a boil water advisory was issued in the event that contamination entered the water supply.

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, the Medical Officer of Health for EOHU said that in order for the BWA to be lifted, they would require the water pressure to be fully restored and satisfactory bacteriological water testing results to follow. He wouldn't commit to a definite time on how long that might be but said that it's usually between 24-48 hours depending on the progress of repairs and water test results.

The advisory was expanded to Vankleek Hill and L'Orignal on Monday afternnoon.

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