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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Advisory of the Day



CWRA (Canadian Water Resources Association) is hosting the Climate Extremes: National Collaboration on Floods Drought in Ottawa on January 27th. In the communications release on the CWRA website, President Dave Murray stated "Volatility of Canada's weather and increased severity of flood and drought impacts is an identifiable symptom of the changing climate in Canada."

"What is missing, however, is recognition that a national approach to managing our water, a crucial factor in climate change adaptation, is the foundation for Canada's economic future," he added.

This could be a large undertaking for a one day event. Speaking with Rick Ross, CWRA Executive Director, this reporter asked what he considered the main objective for the day, he had this to say "Raising awareness, and increasing co-operation to better advise Canadians." Awareness did come up many times in the conversation, "Better awareness of technical design will be discussed, design technology is moving from "Maximum Probable Flood" to "Maximum Possible Flood" through better forecasting of maximum rainfalls. This allows for building of infrastructure that could handle the maximum."

When asked whether the sale of water to corporations, and cross border would be covered by Robert Sandford, EPCOR Chair, Water and Climate Security, United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health, in his - Trumped? Global Cooperation on Water Security and Climate Stability- Ross only commented " I know Rob doesn't advocate the sale of any of our water."

Further this reporter questioned Ross on whether Insurance Companies and their approach to insuring high risk areas would be addressed, " It will come up as many discussions will, but not as a specific topic." He further stated, "Many Canadians aren't aware that Overland Flooding Insurance only became available to them last year. Previously they were on their own to seek Disaster Relief and other Government programs."

Also the question of whether relocation of high risk residence areas such as many First Nations reserves would be a topic Ross said "Not specifically, many communities across Canada will discussed."

Ross was optimistic about the Roundtable, when questioned on whether all parties attending were set on working together, he had this to say , "The great thing about people involved in water is that they only want to improve it, and raise awareness." Steve Brown, Ontario CWRA Branch President echoed this when speaking with this reporter, "Our Mission is to raise awareness, and the profile, of water issues in Canada with both Political and private parties."

The Roundtable is being held in Partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada

CWRA's 2017 Conference in June is called "Water: A Continental Asset", and when asked if many of these discussions will continue then, Brown had this to say "Undoubtedly many will resurface and overlap, they will link with at least 4 of our topics then."

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