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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Asvisory of the Day



This story is brought to you in part by Glenergy

Parts of Sudbury, Ontario are under a drinking water advisory after some routine maintenance went awry this week.

The Sudbury and District Health Unit (SDHU) issued the advisory after hearing of the problem.

Burgess Hawkins, Manager Environmental Health with SDHU told this reporter that the city had a valve break and that their office was notified at approximately 9AM on Thursday morning.

He went on to say that approximately 80 homes are affected by the advisory.

A press release on the SDHU website says that the advisory will be affecting the residents living on, "Lancaster Drive, Windsor Crescent, Tudor Court, Gloucester Court and York Street between Hillsdale Crescent and Gloucester Court."

The release also mentions that boiling the water may not make it safe for drinking, essentially making this a do not consume advisory.

Hawkins said, "It's due to lack of pressure. You see, the pipes in the ground have small leaks but as long as there's pressure in the pipes they leak out. If the pressure goes away there's a chance that something from the outside can get in."

He pointed out that while it's most likely that the worst thing that would enter the system would be bacteria, which can be boiled off, the risk of another chemical resistant to boiling entering the system is enough that a do not consume advisory is the most prudent way to keep residents safe.

At present, workers are expected to finish repairs on the valve on Friday afternoon, at which point there will be some testing done.

"The test results take from 24 to 48 hours," said Shelly Ahmed, a Communications Advisor with the City of Sudbury, "Once they get the results back the advisory should be lifted. The repairs don't take that long but it's the testing of the water that's taking the time. We're thinking Saturday to get the all clear." Ahmed added that the city has alerted residents to nearby water filling stations as well as a water buggy for those affected to fill up water bottles

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