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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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At 3 PM Tuesday afternoon the Ville de Gatineau issued a total ban on consuming tap water in part of the Aylmer sector.

According to the press release, the ban was put in place immediately after "a smell of hydrocarbon was detected coming from the water." As the ban covers washing vegetables and taking showers Gatineau has made the shower facilities of the centre aquatique Paul-Pelletier available, as well as provide water to the approximately 2000 residents affected.

The city was proactive in posting the notice on social media, the post on the Ville de Gatineau Facebook page has had large amounts of traffic and has been shared over 800 times.

In the post thread residents raised very important questions, one resident wrote "why were fire hydrants flushed at 1 PM on [rue] Broad and [rue] St-Laurent, and [there is] an alert at 3 PM?"

Another response to the post seemed to indicate that the issue may have affected water outside of the announced perimeter. The resident wrote "the water is yellowish on rue de la Course near rue Court, does it extend there?"

We spoke with Yves Melanson, Media Relations for the Ville de Gatineau. When asked if the source of the hydrocarbon was known Melanson responded "presently we are looking into that, we don't know." He added that the City was conducting work on suppressors, pumps that pump water into the treatment plant, "and work that was being done on the pumps on Front street impacted [the] area."

"We are not sure if the nature of the hydrocarbon is related to the work on the suppressor," Melanson said, "we know that we were conducting work there at that time."

Gatineau is large and has many water plants that serve particular areas of the city. "This is why the work being done in the Front area only impacted a small perimeter," Melanson said.

As of now, the ban is still in effect, and Gatineau will update residents as soon as there is new information.

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