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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Asvisory of the Day



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On Saturday, the Ville de Gatineau issued a Preventative Boil Water Advisory (PBWA) for two Gatineau sectors. The PBWA was linked to road work in the area.

We spoke with Yves Melanson, with the Gatineau Communications Department, who said that the PBWA "was indeed due to roadwork being done in the area that necessitated lowering the water pressure." Being that at least one of the communities is at "a higher elevation, on a hill, pressure would not have been sufficient." to supply the area and it was thought best to issue the PDWA.

Gatineau has been under BWAs a surprising 48 times since 2008. Melanson said that this is "mostly related [road] work, though weather such as strong precipitation, or other circumstances" can also result in the city issuing a BWA. A few years back a "transport truck hit a fire hydrant, which lowered water pressure in the delivery system, a PDWA was issued for this."

The municipality kept the public informed during the period, albeit brief. Gatineau not only posted the notice, it also created a direct link to it via an email alert on their homepage. The city also boasts a page that describes the BWA process in Gatineau, detailing how the municipality will inform the public. Gatineau even provided a map outlining the affected areas.

The road work that caused this PDWA has had residents boiling water for at least a minute before consuming for 48 hours. The Gatineau website states that BWAs in the city usually last around two days. Residents should not have to wait much longer according to Melanson the PDWA "should be lifted tomorrow if all goes well with sample testing."

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