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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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On September 5, residents of Hudson, Qu├ębec were invited to hear the presentation given by the Infrastructure Committee. The committee was to present an "update on the potable water situation in [the Town], the measures currently in place to improve the situation, as well as some long-term planning ideas." It has been reported that Hudson is looking to the Ottawa River as a source of potable water. We contacted the Town of Hudson for more information.

We spoke with Simon Corriveau, Superintendent of Water Treatment in Hudson, he explained that the town "has [imposed] water bans for the last few years because we are unable to pump enough water from our wells to meet peak demand." This years ban was implemented on June 13 and lifted on September 8. The town has water shortages this is why they are "moving to dig a new well, and the contract has been given to hydrologists to [locate] the best spot," Corriveau said.

Corriveau explained that the Infrastructure Committee "was formed four years ago after the last municipal elections," to discuss challenges and provide solutions for Hudson. Their mandate went beyond the town's infrastructure. The committee itself is comprised of "mostly citizens," Corriveau added.

It was this committee "who thought it would be a good idea to take water from the Ottawa River," Corriveau said.

The project is in the initial stages, no impact studies have been carried out "the committee said that this is something that should be looked into," he said.

There are no real financial numbers associated with the project, though it was mentioned at the presentation that it would cost between $12 and $15 million to complete. Corriveau said that "those numbers are rough estimates based on similar projects in other municipalities." According to the minutes of the regular Council meeting held two days after the presentation, council voted unanimously to "appoint a water advisory committee."

Hudson is on to the next step of changing their source of drinking water which Corriveau said "is to contact other municipalities to see if they would be interested in joining the project, and conducting feasibility studies." There are still many steps to take before this project is complete, and the town still has to complete a new well to meet their short-term water needs.

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