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Water Today Title July 7, 2022

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Asvisory of the Day



This story is brought to you in part by Dagua

On Saturday Île-Perrot issued a Precautionary Water advisory. Residents are urged to boil water for at least a minute, and to reduce water consumption for the duration of the situation. The city did not give a reason for the public notice, nor did they give any timeframe before the advisory would be lifted.

We contacted the Ville de l'Île Perrot for more insight into the preventative measure taken over the weekend. We managed to speak with Elisabeth Guilbault, Director of Human Resources and Communications for the city. According to Guilbault the frigid temperatures over the past weekend was the cause of the "water main break and loss of pressure".

Guilbault confirmed that there were no mechanical malfunctions or evidence of any contaminant that lead to issuing precautionary advisory. Guilbault adds that "crews are at work repairing the system, but there is no date in view for lifting the advisory". When asked if this is a frequent occurrence Guilbault said that "main breaks do not happen daily, but with cold weather they do tend to happen."

The Annual Assessment of drinking water quality for Île-Perrot did not reveal any major cause for concern and, as in this case, the city appears to act quickly when situations arise. Most of the tests for inorganic substances such as arsenic, copper, and uranium in drinking water came back within normal standards. The only issue here was four samples that came back with higher than normal levels of Bromate.

According to, the New York State Department of Health fact sheet "Bromate is formed when ozone used to disinfect drinking water reacts with naturally occurring bromide found in source water." The fact sheet states that the formation is influenced by "bromide ion concentration, the pH of source water, and the amount of ozone and reaction time used". There are minimal to serious health risks associated with Bromate but they are at much higher levels than what would be ingested through drinking water.

Île-Perrot did, however, have a minor issue with microbiological norms. A sample taken on August 18, 2015 raised a concern over "atypical bacteria". As a result, the city issued a letter to all residences concerned and proceeded to rinse, purge, and conduct work to replace the pumps.

The City of Île-Perrot operates a water filtration plant and a water purification plant. Between the two operations the city employs 8 people. The city has given the water treatment system the mission to provide drinking water that respects or surpasses the strictest water quality regulations for its nearly 11 thousand residents.

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