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Water Today Title August 7, 2020

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This story is brought to you in part by Dagua

This little piece of land near Cap-Aux-Renards in the MRC Haute-Gaspésie Québec with its gorgeous sea view and 253 souls has been dreaming of water for a long time. The Boiling Water Advisory issued on August 24th 2000 was still effective as of 2015. The city made an announcement on March 27th 2015 that work on new water infrastructure was about to start by the end of that same year. Close to two years after the good news, we're catching up on this small town's wishes for clean water

As the mayor issued the 2016 report on the city's spending we can clearly read that 137 750,80$ of it's money was put into the "Drinkable water" project and put the city into a deficit of 43 641$. Most fees are for consultant firms such as engineering, and the other fees for drilling and pumping tests ongoing until October 2016.

The head engineer France Thibault hired for the task made 24 503.05$ from her consultation services in 2016 alone which is almost 4 times the mayor's salary and allocations of 6 486.14$. According to the 2017 budget, another 55 000$ is attributed for consultation fees on water engineering and hydrogeology, while the budget for water distribution and purification get's no dollar mention. Hard to plan for something that is not there yet again.

We reached out and left multiple messages to the city's office and are still waiting for a single call back at time of publication. Meanwhile, we contacted Melanie Vallee, MRC Haute-Gaspesie coordinator on environment and durable developments, who told us: "To my knowledge the water boiling advisory in La Martre is still effective, but it is not under the MRC's jurisdiction, you have to contact the city directly for more details." Just like the residents of La Martre, we are still waiting.

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