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Water Today Title August 7, 2020

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On February 1st, Port-Cartier announced that the municipality had a $22,17 million budget for the year 2017 and a close to $ 40 million investment over the next 3 years to complete upgrades to the water distribution of the Riviere-Pentecote district and the waste water treatment infrastructure of the whole Port-Cartier region

Less than 8 days after this news, the 50th parallel municipality issued a water contamination warning to it's residents to boil the water for at least 1 minute as a pre-emptive measure because of an incident at the water treatment facility

The area first explored by Samuel De Champlain in 1603 and settled in the 1910's uses the Actiflo decantation system at a cost of approximately $0,25 for a thousand litres of drinkable water. In 2017 every household of the 6613 habitants will have to pay close to $175 in municipal taxes for it's water distribution services and close to $275 for diverse waste management contributions. The purification system in use is a decantation process using chemical reactions to insure suspended contaminants are safely removed via a two-step filtering system

We spoke to Port-Cartier's Water Treatment Supervisor Mr. Thomas Gaudin who told us that during a backwash procedure of filtration system number 2, they noticed that an under-flooring gasket was leaking and required immediate attention. Mr. Gaudin told us: " We issued the warning more for population reassurance than a real contamination threat, we measured the turbidity (cloudiness) of the water coming out of the filter at a fraction over the standard 0,15 NTU that we normally maintain. The water is perfectly drinkable as we speak, I drink it myself everyday."

When asked about the city's plans to upgrade the facility he kindly responded: "Well, when you grow the water distribution you must grow the waste treatment also, they go along together. For now this is the information I can give you as the plans are not final and are being studied by the city's engineer."

The water boiling warning should be lifted by Tuesday night.

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