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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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The little town of Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes, 27 km northeast of Trois-Rivière in the Mauricie region of Québec, has had a few problems with its water distribution system since January.

The city issued a water notice on January 13th stating that the town's water would be cut off for repairs of a major breakage that affected the whole system. The repairs took only a full day and everything went back to normal the following day.

On February 1st, a boil water advisory was issued for users located from 770 rue Principale to 1800 3ième Rang, after another system shut down due to equipment failure at the pumping station; again, the repairs took only one day and the BWA was lifted on February 3rd although the town's website still lists it as active 30 days later.

On November 10th, there was a major landslide in Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes, followed by a second landslide on the 11th, which required 2 homes to be evacuated as a precaution after a large section of land collapsed and fell into the small Champlain river that leads to the St. Lawrence River. The help of Sûreté Du Québec, Civil Protection, the Saint-Maurice firefighters along with Ministry of Transport's Geology department were required. No one was injured.

Today we talked to Saint-Luc's assistant administrator Lynda Turcotte about the recent water system breakdowns and subsequent repairs: "The boil water advisory was lifted on February 3rd as everything tested out to be normal and safe." (NOTE: As of noon Friday, it was however still listed on the front-page of the town's website).

When asked if the recent breakage had anything to do with the recent landslides she replied: "It's not impossible, as the recent breakage were due to pipe leaks, but the landslide happened on the other side of the town which brings no immediate correlation."

We asked if other repairs or upgrades were in the works she replied: "No everything is back to normal, the work was required because of last minute leaks but the system has been inspected and everything checks out to be fine."

The recent repairs of January and February required a few dozen men hours along with some pipe repairs, at a total cost of a few thousand dollars which fits in the town's budget as normal maintenance and repairs expenses so far, this year.

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