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Water Today Title July 7, 2022

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Advisory of the Day



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The Village of Kendal, located in south east Saskatchewan, has been under a boil water advisory since New Year's Eve.

"Our water pump quit," said Lea Zohner, Kendal's Mayor, "It just stopped."

This caused there to be a loss of pressure in the system and the cistern that holds the town's water was emptied. As the loss of pressure can result in contaminants seeping in, a precautionary drinking water advisory (PDWA) was issued on the advice of the province's Water Security Agency.

Zohner said that the issue had nothing to do with the weather.

"It was a surprise," she said," It was a pump that we just put down there at the end of September."

A PDWA that was issued in September was not related however. Zohner told this reporter that the previous advisory was as a result of their well caving, which forced them to drill a new one.

Steps are underway to remove the advisory.

"We put a new pump down there," Zohner said, "And I just brought the water test in to a lab in Regina. We have to have two clear water tests and this was the first one."

Zohner is anticipating the advisory, which is affecting approximately 34 households in the village to be lifed by early next week, if all goes well. She and the village officials should have an easier time alerting the residents next time an advisory occurs.

"I ran around New Year's Eve (telling everyone affected)," Zohner said," I had some contact numbers but now I have all the numbers for the residents in one little secure space, so we can call, text and send an email much quicker."

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