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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Water issues continue to plague a community centre in Saskatoon as a boil water order was upgraded to a do not drink order.

The Saskatoon Italian Cultural Centre, located off of Highway 7 on the western edge of the city, has been under a boil water order since April of this year. On November 20, Saskatoon Health Region made the decision to change that to a do not drink order.

"During a recent inspection, a Public Health Inspector determined that there was increased turbidity in their water supply," said Amanda Purcell, a spokesperson for Saskatoon Health Region in an email to this reporter, "Which led to a file review and follow up with the facility and the order was issued."

While Saskatoon Health Region wouldn't comment on the relation of the two orders, the cultural centre uses a cistern with hauled water from the City of Saskatoon as its water source, so it is possible that the contamination in the cistern is the culprit for the issues.

"The next steps include draining and cleaning the cistern, which will then be refilled with City of Saskatoon water," said Purcell, "Then, water testing will occur. When two consecutive clear bacteriological samples have been received, and the turbidity is below 1.0 NTUs, the water can then be consumed."

The 17 acres the community centre is built on was purchased in 1980 and over time, money was raised to construct a hall on the property.

The centre is known for its eight acre corn maze, where locals can get lost trying to find the 20 regions and capitals of Italy.

For those that like to keep their bearings, nearby bocce balls courts can keep them occupied, while their friends and family navigate the labyrinth. Italian language lessons are also typically on offer however, while the do not drink order is in effect, the Saskatoon Italian Cultural Centre does not plan to have the facility operating.

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