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Water Today Title June 2, 2020

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Advisory of the Day



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Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency (WSA) has issued a do not use advisory for a section of the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood located in the north east part of Saskatoon.

Nineteen homes are affected by the advisory that was issued after an oily film was noticed on a few local fire hydrants. Only ten of the homes are inhabited at the moment as they are all a part of a new subdivision.

"The hydrocarbons are an oil of some sort and only detectable on visual inspection of some fire hydrants' interior," said Angela Gardiner, Acting General Manager of Transportation and Utilities, "The residential water supplies test clean, but because of the visual detection of the hydrocarbon, the WSA issued the Do Not Use notice."

The city and the WSA are investigating how the film made its way onto the fire hydrants but as of right now they remain stumped.

As a precaution, the area has been isolated from the rest of the city's water supply while a clean-up is performed.

Affected residents are being provided with water for drinking, cooking and hand-washing as a temporary measure until the problem is resolved or a long term solution can be arrived at.

City leisure facilities are available for showering and residents are also being advised to reach out to friends and family for bathing needs as well.

The water in the system can still be used for laundry or the flushing of toilets.

In a media release on the city's website, Gardiner said, "Obviously, we are extremely concerned at this turn of events - we are doing everything we can to ease what we know is a terrible inconvenience to the affected households."

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