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Water Today Title June 29, 2022

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Last Wednesday the Village of Windthorst, in the Southeastern part of Saskatchewan, was placed under a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory. The poster issued by the Water Security Agency (WSA) states that the PDWA was issued "pursuant to clause 36(1)(a) of The Environmental Management and Protection Act 2010." The clause itself directs the Minister to issue a PDWA if the water being supplied from a "waterworks" is or may cause harm to the environment.

The WSA poster says that the PDWA was "due [to] the Village obtaining water from a neighbouring community that is currently under the direction of a PDWA."

The Village announced the advisory on their website. The Windthorst Facebook page was also used to keep villagers informed, though the message deviates from that of the WSA. The social media post states the PDWA was "issued for the Village of Windthorst as we have brought in water from an outside source for our reservoir."

There has been a water issue for some time, and Village Administration informed us that water levels "have been low and [the Village] has been waiting for [their] wells to be perforated." The work that is supposed to be carried out on the Village wells was to be underway in April.

Windthorst held a Canada 150 parade over the last weekend, where 300-350 extra people were in town. The Windthorst Administration stated that "the water was hauled in to ensure that [the Village] did not run out."

The water was hauled in expressly for the celebrations, from Arcola. As it turns out the Town of Arcola has been under a PDWA since June 12. Town residents have to boil their water "due to a failure of the disinfection equipment caused by the deterioration in the raw water supply."

Despite the layers to this PDWA, Windthorst Administration suggested that the advisory will be removed "really soon." The necessary testing on the Village water supply is being carried out, "three samples were taken yesterday [July 16] and three samples this morning," Results are expected tomorrow.

As for the Town of Arcola, the PDWA was rescinded at 8 AM this morning.

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