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Water Today Title August 5, 2020

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Update 2018/6/9
G7 Charlevoix Summit 2018


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By Cori Marshall

As the G7 officially got under way in Charlevoix and Quebec City the Council of Canadians was hard at work preparing an installation that would send a message to the leaders as they arrived for the Summit.

In a media advisory the Council said that they would "install a massive message at a farm 15km from La Malbaie, which is along the flight path of the leaders coming from Bagotville." The group erected a 50 metre by 35 metre G7 with a red line through it. The Council has also started a petition to "Make this the last G7".

We contacted Council of Canadians and were able to communicate with Mark Calzavara, their Regional Organizer who is in La Malbaie.

Calzavara explained the reasoning behind the resistance to the summit stating that "the G7 only includes the richest countries of the world." He suggested that the G7 process "is undemocratic and illegitimate," adding that "they should include all 195 countries of the United Nations General Assembly."

He pointed to the enormous cost of hosting an event such as the G7. "Hosting the summit will cost Canada over $600 million- largely on security measures- money that would be better spent actually addressing the issues they claim to care about," Calzavara said.

Calzavara explained that the group attempted to take aerial images of their installation using a gopro camera rig lifted by helium balloons and retained by two control lines."

Things didn't go as planned, Calzavara said that "a sudden change in wind snagged it in a tree and the lines snapped shortly after, allowing [the rig] to float away." At the time the rig began to float away "the winds took it towards the summit location."

Calzavara expects "the camera to record until the battery runs out." Unfortunately "no transmission [of images] is possible until it is recovered."


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