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Water Today Title July 7, 2022

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This story is brought to you in part by SunWind Solar

Updated 2017/6/25
Holiday Water Report 2017


This story is brought to you in part by SunWind Solar

By Ronan O'Doherty

Holiday goers making their way through Western Canada should make sure to stock up on clean water when venturing away from Alberta's municipal water systems.

Unlike its neighbouring sister provinces British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Alberta's provincial government does not post water advisories for small water systems.

Under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, private water systems or small public water systems do not require approval.

Alberta Environment and Parks website states that, "Private wells and water systems are not regulated by Alberta Environment and are not included in this website. Owners of private systems are responsible for maintaining and ensuring the safety of their water."

In addition, on their latest Drinking Water Program document, it lists Unapproved Community water systems like small developments and mobile home parks as well as Unapproved Individual water systems like gas stations, campgrounds, resorts, hotels, motels, B&Bs and community halls as water systems not requiring approval under the EPEA as well.

The doc also notes that, "Alberta Health Service provides technical assistance to systems owners regarding sampling protocols, results interpretation, treatment alternatives and overall management."

Furthermore, " In the event of an incident occurring, the Alberta Health Services deals directly with the system and the action protocol for these systems is the Communication and Action Protocol for Failed Bacteriological Results in Drinking Water for Private and Communal Drinking Water Systems."

Alberta Health sent information to this reporter saying, "(Alberta Health) inspects public water supplies, reviews water sample results, and issues water advisories if needed. You can get water testing supplies (sample bottles) and shipping information from your local Community Health Centre. Testing for municipalities and private home owners is done through the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health and Alberta Centre for Toxicology."

Recreation areas in the province are governed by Alberta's Public Health Act.

Section 7 of Recreation Area Regulation states, "Where a recreation area supplies potable water, the potable water supply must be sampled immediately before the commencement of each operating season for the recreation area and as may be required by an executive officer throughout the operating season."

Albertaparks.ca does provide an up-to-date listing of all their water advisories, the latest of which can be found below. ALBERTA PARKS

Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park - No Water available throughout the park until further notice

Little Bow Reservoir - Water not available - hand pumps not working

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park- no water at walk-in Tenting and North Shore Day Use

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park - Drinking Water Advisory - water system not running at full capacity

Rochon Sands Provincial Park - Potable Water currently unavailable due to pending repairs to water line leaks

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park - Water is unavailable at the Pocaterra Warming Hut. Potable water is available at William Watson Lodge and Peter Lougheed Discovery Centre

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