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Water Today Title January 18, 2021

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Update 2018/5/31
Holiday water report 2018


This story is brought to you in part by Proteus Waters

By Cori Marshall

Our look at the outdoor getaway spots across Canada continues. We have looked at Parks Canada, BC Parks, and New Brunswick Provincial Parks. Today we turn our attention to the provincial parks in Saskatchewan.

We contacted the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, otherwise known as Saskatchewan Parks, to get the state of the drinking water in these sites and what visitors can expect in 2018.

Jalaine Thibault, from the Communications Branch of Saskatchewan Parks, explained that they "operate over 50 potable water systems throughout the provincial park system." She added that the systems range "from low volume, seasonal systems to sophisticated year-round water plants." Water systems in the parks are regulated by the Water Security Agency or Saskatchewan Health Authority depending on volume.
    "Our goal is to have potable water available in all of our major parks again this year."
    - Jalaine Thibault, Communications Branch of Saskatchewan Parks

Thibault underlined that "Saskatchewan Parks has an annual capital program dedicated to our park water systems." The provincial parks system has made water one of its priorities, "in the past five years, we have invested nearly $7 million in water systems."

We are still early in the 2018 parks season, and in some parks drinking water is not yet ready for visitors. Thibault explained that these "parks continue to work to remove precautionary drinking water advisories (PDWA) and visitors are advised to check the status of our water systems before they arrive."

"In 2017, Saskatchewan Parks had nearly 4 million visits," Thibault said, "we are hoping to attract a similar number of visits this year." Saskatchewan Parks did not give a number of expected visits in 2018 stating that "many factors can affect visitation such as weather and fire bans."

There are a few promotions that visitors can take advantage of this year. Thibault said that "from Monday to Thursday up until June 21, 2018, park vehicle entry is free."

Four parks will be offering "Camp-Easy equipped campsites." Thibault explained that these sites "come equipped with a large tent and all the major camping essentials." She added that "Camp-Easy sites are great for campers who have never camped before, do not own camping equipment or would like to maximize their time spent in the park."

Saskatchewan Parks are a great place to get away during the summer months. The parks offer activities from bird-watchers to star-gazers. If a touch of history is more your style, the many parks have historical displays where you can experience for example the fur trade. For more informa


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