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Water Today Title October 25, 2020

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Update 2018/6/5
Water Resources


This story is brought to you in part by Proteus Waters

by Jan Rose

An estimated 350 delegates are expected to attend the 70th Western Canada Water Annual Conference in Winnipeg, MB from Sept. 18 to 21. Represented will be the three western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

"There's definitely a theme of doing more with less. That has been the theme of our conferences for the past couple of years, said Kristen McGillivray, deputy director of Western Canada Water. "There has been a shift towards sustainability and how we can do this, especially given that a lot of infrastructure in Canada is aging."

Western Canada Water has just over 5,000 members that represent water professionals in Western Canada from all sorts of sectors, she explained. So you have engineers, consulting engineers, operators, lab techs and municipal workers. It has to do with all the positions.

There will be some time devoted to biosolids, McGillivray said, adding "we typically cover emergency measures as well as infrastructure."

"Workshops cover a diverse number of topics such as acid management, well development, and operations and fundamentals of contract law. The drone technology workshop provides an overview of the unmanned aerial vehicles, their technology and the rules and regulations covering their use," said McGillivray.

Tours include FortWhyte Alive Water Quality Ecotour and its onsite wastewater treatment facility in addition to Manitoba-grown solutions. A second tour is of the Headingley Water Treatment Facility that began operations in April 2016. It is a SUEZ (formally GE) membrane treatment facility and is the largest facility owned by the Cartier Regional Water Co-op. The treatment facility was constructed to supply the Centreport development in the Rural Municipality (RM) of Rosser and to take the demand off the existing water treatment facility located in St. Eustache, MB.

The supply lines from the treatment facility have been extended to service the RM of West St. Paul and the Stony Mountain Institute. Opened in July 2011, the Headingley Waste Water Treatment Facility treats an average of 1000 m3/day using sequencing batch reactors (SBRs). Approximately 300 m3/day comes from the Headingley Correctional Center with a dedicated spiral screener in the plant to remove debris from the waste water stream.


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